Monday, November 4, 2013

Gary Keith Sr., Community Activist is Endorsing Bill Carpenter for Mayor

Gary Keith Sr., Community Activist who ran for City Councilor is endorsing Bill Carpenter in a statement to Brocktonbeat "It was a very last minute decision because it was a hard decision to make as I believe that Mayor Balzotti has done a remarkable job over the last 4 years and I really like her personally, but when I ran for city Councillor at large, I did so with trying to make positive changes in our city to move us forward, and after talking to both candidates on occasions, I believe that Bill Carpenter is the stronger candidate to lead this city forward.

 AS, I have said on many occasions when Bill and I have talked, we differ on the power plant, but we have more issues than just that and if Brockton were to get a PP, it will be because of the sitting council that will win this Tuesday. As far as some personal issues he might of had, were just that, HIS personal issues, that if I were faced with the same situation, would have probably done the same thing. However, our city budget accounts have safe guards on them called fiscal watchdogs, as well as a CFO and our city Councillors who vote off on anything like that.

 The best thing I like about Bill Carpenter for mayor is that he maintained what he believed in throughout the whole election without wavering even in the face of opposition and scrutiny, but he came with a plan, whether you liked it or not, he had a plan which showed him thinking outside the box. Brockton has so many problems that we need someone with new innovative ideas and someone who is going to think outside the norm.

 Bill Carpenter is a dedicated family man, like myself and I can relate to him wanting to make Brockton the best place it can be for his family to live and for all families to live. As my campaign slogan was transition for change, well if Bill Carpenter is elected as our next Mayor, the changes that I wanted to see if I were elected to city council will start to materialize."

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