Sunday, September 13, 2015

Re-Elect Mayor Bill Carpenter: Endorsed By Brockton Police Patrolmen's Association

Published on Sep 13, 2015 To the residents of the City of Brockton: It is with great pride that the Brockton Police Patrolmen's Association (BPPA) endorses Mayor Bill Carpenter for a second term as Mayor of the City of Brockton. Mayor Carpenter has been an advocate for the men and women of the Brockton Police Department since the moment he was sworn in as Mayor in January, 2014. As Mayor, he supported the increase in the number of detectives in the narcotics and gang units. Subsequently in 2014, we nearly doubled the number of raids and increased drug arrests; allowing the Brockton Police Department to get dangerous criminals, drugs and guns off the streets. Mayor Carpenter has invested in technology to support Brockton police officers as he led the fight for 'Shot-Spotter' expansion, Brockton's first fingerprinting technology, and the push for more video cameras throughout the city. Each of these measures has not only enhanced the work of the Brockton Police Department but protects the officers who risk their lives on a daily basis. The results speak for themselves as there has been a major reduction in almost every major criminal category; the number of breaking and entering cases is down 25 percent, forcible rapes are down 24 percent, robberies are down 15 percent, aggravated assaults are down 11 percent. The return of the motorcycle and bicycle patrols has aided in the downward trend in each one of those categories and has allowed the Brockton Police to have a better rapport with the citizens of the City. We believe in Mayor Carpenter's leadership and commitment to the Brockton Police Department. Therefore, the Brockton Police Patrolmen's Association proudly endorses Mayor Bill Carpenter for a second term as Mayor of the City of Brockton and we hope you join us in voting for Mayor Carpenter, on Tuesday, September 22, 2015. Sincerely, William Healy, President Brockton Police Patrolmen's Association

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